When is the right time to rebrand your business?

 A  lot can change in a few years. Especially in ecommerce. The goals, values and strategy you once had now may seem far removed from your business direction as it is today.

In lots of ways, that’s amazing! Your company is growing, changing and adapting to the market and its customers. But these changes can also create a disconnect – between your business and its branding.

When this happens, a rebrand can help to realign your marketing strategy with what your company stands for right now. So is it time to rebrand your business? That’s exactly what we’re going to look at here. We’re going to cover:

  • What is a business rebrand?
  • What are the benefits of rebranding your business?
  • 14 signs it’s time to rebrand your business
  • What to do next

Ready? Then let’s dive right in.

What is a business rebrand?

A business rebrand is when an already established company decides to change its public-facing image as part of a marketing strategy.

Rebranding your business may involve a new company name, logo or design style. You may end up changing colour palettes, typography, imagery and your brand tone of voice.

These changes are likely to affect all marketing materials, including your company website.

What are the benefits of rebranding your business?

Rebranding your business is a big undertaking. So what makes it worth the effort?


Refreshing your brand

Design trends change. And consumers notice when your branding is outdated. To the point that they may overlook your brand in favour of a company that has a contemporary design.

Fickle, maybe. But that’s the reality.

A business rebrand brings your company’s image bang up-to-date. It helps you to show customers who you are and what you stand for in the here and now.

And it’s something that every brand – big or small – has to do if they want to stay relevant. Just check out how the Google logo has evolved since the late 1990s.


Attracting new customers

Your brand image sets the tone. It helps consumers to understand your values and your products or services. And it helps to set you apart from the competition.

The very best branding helps you to build an emotional connection with customers, making them more likely to shop with you, and costing you less per acquisition.

So a change in branding can help you to better align with your target market.


Reflecting exciting changes in your company

Most new companies work to a tight budget. And a cheap, DIY approach to branding is commonplace. But as a business grows, cheap-as-chips branding looks unpolished and unprofessional.

Rebranding helps to reflect a new, bigger and better stage in your business development. And it’s a great way to signal these changes to the wider world. We often work on rebrands for businesses that are going through a transition, such as:

  • Company growth and expansion
  • Merging businesses
  • Change in business operations
  • Changes in audience
  • Changes in market trends
  • Changes in business focus and direction

14 signs it’s time to rebrand your business

When you use your business branding day in and day out, you tend to stop really seeing it. You’re so used to your brand image that it’s hard to judge it objectively.

So how can you tell if it’s time to rebrand your business? Here are the signs you should look out for.


Your strategy has changed

Adding a new product or service? Going after a new audience? Trying to move from a budget offering to something more mid-range?

Every time you change your business strategy, ask yourself whether your brand image is still relevant to the work you’re doing.

If your branding represents an old version of your business – rather than the current one – it’s time to get a rebrand. Otherwise, you risk sending mixed messages to consumers.


Your company values have changed

Corporate social responsibility has been rising up the agenda. And research shows that consumers are four to six times more likely to shop with and champion purpose-driven companies.

So create branding that properly reflects your company’s purpose and values, and you may find it easier to attract loyal customers.

That might mean using a new logo, colour palette and imagery to highlight your company’s sustainability, customer-centricity or innovation.


You feel embarrassed about your branding

Failing to point people in the direction of your website? Or handing out business cards with the disclaimer that you’re going to get them redesigned soon?

Then you may be suffering from brand embarrassment. And you should definitely do something about it.

When you don’t feel proud of your brand, it holds you and your employees back. And it makes it a lot less likely that consumers will feel inspired to shop with your company.


Your brand feels outdated

We’re not saying that every brand needs a cutting-edge, contemporary image. For example, a traditional homeware shop is right to embrace a traditional aesthetic.

But bear in mind that some branding trends are now seen as very old-fashioned. Logos with gradients and drop shadows. Ornate typography. Overly cluttered designs. These design elements have been replaced by a much cleaner, more subtle aesthetic.

Even our traditional homeware shop is likely to give a classic design a contemporary twist.

So try comparing your brand imagery to that of companies with a similar ethos. If your brand looks dated alongside them, it may be time for a rebrand.


Your branding lacks personality

Your branding should instantly convey what your company stands for. If consumers are left confused as to who your brand is, your branding probably lacks personality.

It can help to think about your brand as a person. And ask yourself a few questions about that person. How would you describe them? What are their standout characteristics?

If you’re struggling to come up with anything that differentiates your brand, your branding may be too vague and wishy-washy. This makes it harder for customers to connect with your brand. And it’s another key sign that your business is due a rebrand.


Your competitors have a better brand image than you

Competitors upping their game? Or new players coming onto the scene? If your branding is starting to fade into the background, it’s time to do something new.

Your brand image should help to set you apart from your competitors. And prevent your customers from confusing you with someone else.

Strong branding that conveys your key differentiators will help you catch the attention and stick in the memory of consumers.


You’ve had some bad press

Bad news travels fast these days. If you’ve had a misjudged social post or a questionable business decision go viral, then you need to perform a bit of brand resuscitation.

Some negative associations are fleeting. But if the ones linked to your business are sticking fast, then a business rebrand can signal to consumers that you’ve turned over a new leaf.

Along with an acknowledgement of what your brand has done wrong – and what you plan to do better in future – a new brand image helps to refresh the perception consumers have of your company.


Company ownership is changing

If your company is going through an acquisition or a merger, you should add a business rebrand to your to-do list.

A rebrand helps to signal to customers that your offering or positioning has changed. It represents a new chapter in the evolution of your business.

In some cases, rebranding your business helps to avoid customer confusion. For example, if a person’s name features in the company name, and that person then leaves the business, you need a new name and a new logo.


Your branding is inconsistent across channels

Consistency is really important for your brand image. You stand to make the most impact when consumers see the same branding across all channels.

So if your branding is different in any of these places:

  • Your logo
  • Your website
  • Your social media channels
  • Your emails
  • Your ads
  • Your product packaging
  • Any other promotional materials

Then it may be time to adopt branding that can be used in all of them, in all of the required formats.


Your branding isn’t attracting the right audience

Branding designed to appeal to everyone often appeals to no one. It ends up bland and unmemorable.

So if you’re failing to attract your target audience, it could be that your branding isn’t niche enough. You’re not speaking to people and making them feel seen.

A rebrand that starts with in-depth customer research will make your brand more appealing to your chosen consumer segment. It can also generate buzz, which encourages consumers to give your company another look.


You’re expanding your business into new geographical areas

Another business may find that its branding is too niche.

If you’re expanding into a bigger geographical area, locally-focused branding is less likely to make an impact. And some design elements that work well with your current audience may be off-putting or even offensive to others.

Brand names and slogans don’t always translate well internationally. The inclusion of a city name in your company name may deter customers in other locations from considering you. And colours have different connotations in different countries.

Again, it’s important to do in-depth customer research. And then set about tweaking your brand image – or creating a new one – to appeal to a wider audience base.


You’re struggling to attract great employees

Great branding doesn’t just attract customers. It can attract talented employees too. People who are looking for a job nearly always check out a company online before making an application.

Bad branding can make your company seem unprofessional or behind the times. Not the most inspiring impression for potential employees.

On the other hand, good branding can give them the push they need to send in their CV. In a competitive jobs market, it can help you to attract candidates with the same values as your company. And people who are enthusiastic about working for your business.


You feel stuck charging low prices

Ever wondered why two brands can offer very similar products for wildly different prices? It often comes down to branding.

Branding is all about perception. And if your brand image is telling customers that you’re selling a premium product or service, you’ll find it easier to put your prices up.

With the help of a business rebrand, you get to redefine your value for consumers, which means they see your brand differently and value your products more highly.


Your branding looks unprofessional

Unprofessional branding is inconsistent and poorly designed. If your logo looks like it’s been created on a DIY design platform, if your typography is mismatched or if you’re using stock photography on your website, it’s time to rebrand.

These may seem like small problems. But remember that every element of your company brand is helping to shape your image in the eyes of consumers. They’ll find it hard to trust and connect with your company if your marketing materials look amateurish.


Ready for a business rebrand? Then here’s what to do next


If you’ve noticed a few of these tell-tale signs, it’s probably time to rebrand your business. And here at Radical Web Design, we can help bring a new brand vision to life.

We specialise in crafting future-proof designs that are meaningful and versatile. Our team takes the time to get to know your business, market and competitors. And we offer a complete service so we can cater to all of your rebranding needs.

We can provide

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Company stationery
  • Social media assets
  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • Website graphics
  • Promotional materials
  • Leaflets and flyers

Want to show a new and improved version of your company to the world? Then let’s get started on your rebrand! Get in touch with the Knowninnorfolk team to find out more.

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