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Beginner’s SEO: What is SEO website design?

Any business that sits at the top of SERPs understands the importance of SEO website design. Along with designers and developers, these top spot champs created a company website that delights users and meets the requirements of search engines, like Google.

But what is SEO website design? And what elements does an SEO friendly website have to include?

SEO website design means designing and developing a site so that it appears high up in search engine results.

By understanding SEO principles and incorporating them into the design and development of a website, you provide the best possible basis for good website ranking.

Unfortunately for us, Google (and we talk about Google because around 97% of all searches in the UK are made on this search engine) doesn’t reveal exactly what it’s looking for. There’s no definitive SEO recipe to follow.

However, the info that Google does share, plus the trial and error of web designers and developers the world over, tell us that there are three key elements to all good SEO website designs.

All websites should have:

  • A technically sound structure
  • An excellent user experience
  • Content crafted around the things that your customers actually search for

Ticking all of these boxes is tricky if you’re trying to build a DIY website. Or if you rely on readymade website templates.

But, because there is so much to gain from an SEO friendly website, it really is worth going the extra mile

Anyone who has ever had a website ranking in the top position in search results will tell you that it offers a lot of benefit for your business.

Do you ever scroll past the first page of Google search results? Nope? Well, you’re in good company. Because very few people do.

In fact, according to Moz research, 71% of search traffic clicks go to first page results (with extra benefits if you feature in the top three spots).

If you nab one of those top spots, thanks to sound SEO web design, you increase visibility and clicks. So your website gets more organic traffic.

A high level of organic traffic means you have to spend less money attracting people to your website.

Because you have a high Google page rank for a variety of keywords, it’ll be easy for potential customers to find you.

Whilst paid ads may still feature as part of your marketing mix, you can rely on them less heavily. Your website SEO will do lots of the hard work for you – both now and into the future.

Because good SEO web design is so closely linked to user experience, you don’t tend to get one without the other.

So why is a good user experience so vital for your company?

Firstly, it gives a great impression of your brand. Second, it means users can navigate your site with ease – and know where you want them to click next.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it improves conversion rates. Because there are no points of friction getting in the way of a sale or a sign up.

Want to get SEO website design working for you and your business? Then get in touch with the team at Knowninnorfolk to discuss a redesign or a brand new website.

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