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FAQ's In Watton

Frequently Asked Question's

No SEO strategy is the same and we look at each project individually to develop an SEO plan that complements
your business goals. Therefore, there is no set price. We can work to suit a range of budgets, so give us a call to chat about our flexible payment options today.

Technical SEO changes can be made straight away and will positively impact your ranking on search engines
immediately. Additionally, we can advise on a long-term SEO strategy that will positively reflect on your
business in the long term.

Our SEO specialists can complete an SEO audit on your website to provide you with insights about your website’s performance. We can let you know areas for improvement and how your site could be more SEO-friendly.

In short, yes! We know that SEO is essential to growing your business and boosting your revenue. We want to
work with clients that share the same vision as us. So, if you want to improve your online visibility with tailored digital marketing campaigns, we want to work with you.

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Facts About Watton

General Info

Watton is 13 miles (21 km) northeast of Thetford and about 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Norwich; somewhat more by road. The A1075 Dereham-Thetford road and the B1108 Brandon-Norwich Road meet at a crossroads at Watton.

Saham Toney lies to the northwest, Ovington to the north, Carbrooke to the northeast and Griston to the southeast.

Watton History

At the time of Edward the Confessor, Watton consisted of two manors, the head manor held by the freewoman Aldred, and the other held by Ralf FitzWalter, which was a gift of the King. By 1139 it was in the possession of Robert de Vaux. After passing to various descendants, Richard de Rupella (elsewhere Rokele) was granted the manor in 1249 as a reward for his service as a knight, and it came to be known as Rokele’s Manor. In 1414, Watton fell under John, Lord Roos of Hamlak, and by 1462 the manors were owned by Richard Rosse and Robert Wessingham.

In 1608, Sir Edward Barkham bought Curson’s manor (parcels of Watton Hall and Rokele manors), and in 1632 he was cited as the lord of Watton Hall, which he kept until after 1660. On 25 April 1674 a great fire broke out destroying sixty houses, the Butchers Shambles and other buildings, amounting to an estimated £7450 (equivalent to £1,400,000 in 2023) in structural damage. The town was rebuilt, and was visited by Thomas Baskerville in 1681 who noted the new buildings and a new bowling green at the “George” inn.

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